YES Digital and Broadcast is the sole direct broadcast satellite television provider in Israel. It broadcasts multi channel TV and VOD services across multiple platforms and languages to nearly 1m subscribers.
The Problem

The current user experience and user interface design across the range of linear and on demand OTT applications was both simple in appearance and inconsistent across the range of deployed devices and platforms. With the current line of applications deployed against a rapid time to market approach, critical look and feel and navigation elements were limited – calling for a fresh ground up approach to design – crucially factoring in the nuances of localisation including presentation across English and Hebrew. 
Processes & Challenges

Discarding the existing reference as part of the process was crucial so as to negate influence during the re-design process. Maintaining brand and the familiar look and feel was key – but as was ensuring that the process of revitalising the consumer facing experience did not alienate and confuse the audience. 

The design of a new set of screens and flows that can be consistently used across the suite of multiplatform applications supporting linear and on demand. 
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