I am a senior digital creative with over 20 years experience in developing innovative ways for audiences to engage with brands and products.
I have extensive experience helping businesses materialise their ideas, create processes and build informed digital teams within their companies.
I thrive on using design thinking to understand pain points, define insights, form concepts and create innovative solutions.
In terms of mobile, I have worked on a variety of products spanning across banking, leisure, cryptocurrency and ecommerce.
Additionally, I have worked on numerous web and responsive web focused briefs for major clients such as O2, Visa, HPI & HSBC.
I offer a range of visual design, UX and team management skills, and am versatile enough to fit into what is needed on the project, always collaborating positively and contributing to the best outcome for the team.
I have built up a wealth of technical knowledge and understanding of many technologies.
In recent years, I have gained significant experience within an Agile/SCRUM environment and thrive within the iterative and incremental approach required by them.
Martin Lewis
Founder Ski Pass Plus
There aren't many that sit higher in the world of web design, usability and art direction.  Matt is one of the guns in his game, delivering outstanding work, managing teams exceptionally well and is essentially just one of the lads. A hugely personable character and wholly capable at Blue Chip Corp level and start ups.  Need a professional at the cutting edge of global web?  Talk to Matt.
Jonny Watson 
Freelance Creative Director​​​​​​​
Matt is a joy to work with. Willing and collaborative, his open approach to problem-solving and attention to detail mean that he can be relied upon to get the job done and get it done well. He brings real commitment to his work, not to mention more years of experience than perhaps he'd care to admit to.
Martyn McGoun
Director Of Financial Services at Experian​​​​​​​
Matt is a commercially aware creative individual that allows him to grasp the requirements of the business early on and deliver content that is inventive, high quality and requires little revision. I would certainly look to Matt in the future should the need arise.
Clare Munday
Director - Service Designer, Troubleshooter and teacher.
Matt is a rare and wonderful combination of brilliance in creative ideas, design and delivery but also understands every element of a project from requirements to politics. His incredible patience and natural open demeanor allow him to handle often tricky projects with grace, humour and unusually chilled professionalism. 
Matt can handle anything and his design work is fantastic. original, pragmatic, he understands interaction, usability, development. 
What more could you ask for! Matts an exec level Creative with a constant smile!
Perfect really! :-) 
Alex Goatcher
Founder / CEO at KWL​​​​​​​
I first worked with Matt in London at the IT Network during 98. I was impressed with his work ethic, skills and "can do" attitude. A year later I approached him to co-found a social media start-up with me in Sydney. 
As a Creative Director, he built and led an awesome team and was a major driving force in the design and development of our services on both web and mobile platforms. Matt has a rare mix of great creative / design skills across both old and new media combined with solid technical know-how and a pragmatic approach to solutions. 
I would work with Matt again in a heartbeat.
Dan Virgo
Design Director​​​​​​​
Matt's a great CD to work with. He pushes the creative path with a firm hand but also recognises and help develop creative direction of others within the team. I would welcome any opportunities to work with again in the future.
Jerry Lan Dring
Executive Digital Leadership & Digital Product Direction​​​​​​​
Matt consistently produced rich and engaging designs at theBBC and was directly responsible for the acceptance of the product as a bonafide tool for the production community. He ishighly effective and always open to feedback resulting in designsthat exceeded expectations.
Des Smith
Head of Digital Delivery at O2 (Telefónica UK)​​​​​​​
Matt worked directly for me for a number of years before moving on within the company where I remained in regular contact. 
Throughout that time he was diligent, engaging and reliable. With a great eye for detail and able to understand even basic briefs with little support, I was always confident his deliveries would help drive the product forward. 
Gregory Holman
Creative Director, Graphic Designer / Art Direction.​​​​​​​
Matt grasped the briefs he was working on quickly, was proactive and built good relationships with the rest of the team in a very short space of time. He needed minimal guidance and was able to develop strong, well-polished concepts swiftly, thinking through or challenging issues of IA and UX which he raised proactively rather than waiting for a WIP meeting. 
Matt is highly personable, honest, and  professional. He is a talented and experienced designer whom I have no hesitation in recommending to another employer – I am sure he will be an asset.
Steve Purcell
CTO, start-up advisor and troubleshooter
Matt's a rare breed; he has both a deep understanding of the business and marketing context of design, and the hands-on technical experience and skills to bring his branding creations to life.
In the case of our business, Matt created a distinctive and attractive brand that still looks fresh some 10 years later. Not only that, but he expertly coordinated the work of his department's staff in applying that brand across a wide range of project areas and media.
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